Importing cars from one country to other country found to be tough thing where you need to think about many things like regulation, taxes, duties and many things. The main reason for importing a car is that for example consider a person living in south Africa, where he finds his favorite dream car in UK which is not available in his country, so he choose car importing option.

How easily you can import car into South Africa

The South African residents find it very difficult to import cars, mostly becomes of the VAT and the heavy custom duties that are levied in the port. In which the South African import duties is also exceedingly difficult for obtaining the required and essential import permits that you are in need. So importing the car from other country into South Africa is going to be both tough and costly. The two reasons why South African residents importing a car into South Africa.

  • registering a car in South AfricaFirst thing is that cars manufactured in South Africa are found to be high cost where the cost of registering a car in South Africa is found to be too expensive to buy.
  • Second thing is that people can save lot of money and get benefitted by importing the car from other country.

The new immigrants and returning South Africans can import the car from other country into South Africa easily in which still there are bureaucratic hoops to jump through but the financial breaks are also available where a family can import one vehicle.


If you like to import car from other country to South Africa then you need undergo numerous regulations surrounding the importation of car vehicle from other country. When you are importing your car you need to make sure that you have all legal purchase order paperwork’s, bills and documents in your hand only when the customs clear your vehicle documents you can get your vehicle out of the port.